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Literature Concentration

English Majors concentrating in English and American Literature will focus on literary analysis and literary criticism, becoming familiar with traditional and emerging texts from a variety of literatures. Students in the Literature concentration become sharp readers and perceptive interpreters of complicated ideas in preparation for a wide variety of future paths. The Literature concentration emphasizes rigorous analysis and interpretation, wide-ranging reading, and enjoyable encounters with a variety of challenging novels, plays, essays, and poems, as well as film and other media. The Literature concentration builds skills of argumentation, communication, and research and familiarizes students with important texts, influential ideas, and a range of historical and cultural information. 

Literature Faculty

Brantley L. Bryant, Anne Goldman, Kim Hester-Williams, John Kunat, Timothy Wandling, Chingling Wo.

Literature Concentration Requirements

  • 385 Junior Literature Seminar (4 units): Plan to take the junior literature seminar in fall or spring of your junior year. One 385 will be offered every semester.
  • A senior-level course in British Literature (4 units): Courses in British literature include those with numbers 448, 481, 484 or courses approved by an advisor. 
  • A senior-level course in American Literature (4 units): Courses in American literature include those with numbers 450, 482, 483 or courses approved by an advisor.
  • A Senior Capstone Course (485) (4 units): Plan to take the senior seminar in fall or spring of your senior year or in the semester you will graduate. One 485 will be offered every semester.
  • An additional Introductory Course (English 160B, 273 SYRCE, and most English GE Courses count) (4 units)
  • An additional Advanced or Experiential course (4 Units): Possible courses include 368 (Zaum), 460 (Teaching Assistant), 462 (Research Assistant), any additional 400 level literature course, any additional 400 level Creative Writing course, and (with permission of instructor) a 500-level graduate course. 

See the worksheet below for details:

Literature Concentration Worksheet