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Charting Your Progress To Graduation

Concentration Advising Forms

PDF iconCreative Writing Concentration Worksheet 2017-18 (pdf)

PDF iconLiterature Concentration Worksheet

PDF iconEnglish Education Concentration Worksheet (pdf)

To keep on track for graduation, check in periodically with a faculty advisor in your concentration or program. Please remember that advisors are there to suggest plans of action and to help you find information: ultimately, you are responsible for being informed, keeping track of your progress, making deadlines, and charting your own path to graduation.

The English Department does not assign advisors to students; instead, find a faculty member in your concentration (Literature, Creative Writing, Single Subject) whose office hours fit your availability. Please check with the staff in the English Department Office (Nichols 362) for a list of current faculty advising hours, or you can also find a link on this site here. Some students prefer to see one faculty member throughout their time here, while others find it's helpful to check in with a variety of faculty members. For general advising, be sure to use the excellent resources of the Arts and Humanities Advising Center.

As you work through your classes, you must keep up with your progress by checking your Academic Requirements Report (ARR). Instructions on how to access your ARR can be found here. The ARR will be used as a crucial part of your graduation application. Please make sure that you have officially declared your concentration within the English major so that your ARR can accurately reflect your coursework. See the English Department office for the appropriate forms for declaring your concentration (Literature, Creative Writing, Single Subject). Check your ARR in advance, and if you notice any issues (for example, a course that you have taken is not showing up), please be in touch immediately with a faculty advisor.

Also, make sure to remember to take the WEPT as early as possible during your junior year.

For additional information about both University- and Department-level requirements, you can consult the current catalog.

Applying for Graduation

As you prepare for graduation, be sure to consult the graduation timeline set by the registrar. Generally, you should plan to submit your graduation paperwork to the department at the beginning of the semester before the semester you plan to graduate; that is, if you're planning to graduate in the spring, you should submit your paperwork in the early part of the fall semester. Note that there is both a Priority Filing Date and also a final deadline. The English Department strongly recommends that students file their graduation forms by the Priority Filing Date:

Admissions and Records Graduation Timeline

When you're ready to submit your graduation paperwork, come to your faculty advisor with 1) a filled-out copy of your concentration worksheet, and 2) your Graduation Application form and 3) a current print-out of your ARR (very important) that shows completion of your major courses. Please bring all relevant forms and prinouts. Your advisor will sign the forms and pass them on to the department office, who will route them to Admissions and Records.

For more information about registration policies, progress to degree, and enrollment, please see the homepage for the SSU Office of the Registrar:

Office of the Registrar, Home