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Dr. Wandling goes to Greece

Tim Wandling to present a paper at the International Byron Conference.

Professor Wandling is delighted to represent the English Department of Sonoma State in joining dignitaries and dozens of international Byron scholars to commemorate the bicentenary of Lord Byron’s death in Greece.  On July 4th, he will be presenting a paper on the poets Byron and Auden entitled “The Ends of Eternity: Byron, Auden and “gay and witty muses.” Sponsored by the International Association of Byron Societies, The theme of the conference is Byron: the Pilgrim of Eternity.  In addition to academic papers, the conference will include artistic and musical responses to Byron’s legacy, a reception at the Benaki Museum, offered by the British Ambassador.  Visits will include the Byron Statue at the Garden of Heroes and the current exhibit “Byron and the Parthenon” at the Acropolis.  The conference will see appearances from the Greek Ambassador and the current Lord Byron, as well as Byron’s descendants.  In 1824, Byron died in Missolonghi Greece in support of Greek independence; this week-long conference will take place in both Athens and Missolonghi from July 1 to July 8.