Sakina Bryant

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Sakina Bryant
Sakina Bryant



Nichols 358

Office Hours

11:00 am-2:00 pm

What I Do at SSU:

I teach Intro Composition and other GE courses in Intro Literature and Humanities courses, often in the Engl160A/B Humanities Learning Communities, an FLC, as well as in SYRCE (Second Year Research and Creative Experience). My classes are informed by a set of philosophical questions about human existence and being, animals, artificial intelligence, bioethics, the politics of the body, the politics of language, and the politics of education, and I have taught additional 1st and 2nd year GE classes about the aesthetics of Fascism in the 1930's, the 1960's counterculture and reality, Science Fiction, the Fantastic, and Identity, critical thinking, and Shakespeare. I have additional interests in global literature, particularly written from spaces of genocide or war. I mix up English with Philosophy since I teach in both departments.

I love working with a range of mediums, from text to film to other visual mediums, such as painting or photography.

My classes are organisms that work symbiotically and authentically together, as a community, towards some common goal, without judgement and with support. I hope to help all students feel empowered in the university, to expand their learning beyond what they might have thought possible (or even desirable), and regardless of the learning outcomes dictated for a particular class, my ultimate learning outcome is always that my students have a meaningful experience that transcends their time at the university and expands their thinking and being as a person living in the world.  

I work with students in a mentorship capacity wherever possible, including as peer mentors and teaching assistants, but also, in general, since I enjoy sincere human connections.


I have been a full-time lecturer at Sonoma State since 2013, with a prior teaching relationship here since 2010.

My training is primarily in literary theory, although my interests are eclectic because of the nature of being a lecturer. I would say that my primary space of learning was through the BABEL Working Group, an international interdisciplinary Humanities group of non-hierarchical scholars, on whose Steering Committee I served for some years, and where I attended many fascinating conferences with a broad range of thinkers: subsequently, I am very intrigued by post/humanism and new materialist thought.

Selected Achievements:

Sakina Bryant is Sonoma State's Excellence in Teaching Award recipient for 2017-18. She has lead a conference panel, "Impure Collaborations" in Boston, 2012, hosted by BABEL Working Group, Boston College, College of Charleston, Harvard University, Northeastern University, M.I.T., Palgrave Macmillan, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and Tufts University.

At Sonoma State, Sakina Bryant has:

- served as an elected Lecturer Representative to the Academic Senate, now in a second three-year term

- Chaired the Dispute Resolution Board for three elected years

- served as the WIC (GWAR) Co-Coordinator since the inception of this initiative, offering professional development to faculty teaching writing across the curriculum

- served as the past WEPT (GWAR) Coordinator

- worked with the WASC accreditation team for literacy

- tutored students in the SSU multilingual program