Max Luque

September 18, 2020
Max Luque

From the time I started my undergraduate degree at SSU up until I graduated in May 2018, I loved being part of the English program. I got to meet great people, read books, produce a lot of writing, and receive valuable encouragement from professors. I loved being in college, and the English department was a huge component of why I enjoyed my college experience so much.

A year after graduating, I moved to LA and started working on the production team for the 30th season of America’s Funniest Home Videos. During the course of the season, I found that I used many of the skills that I had developed during my time at SSU, specifically working collaboratively both one-on-one and in teams, thinking critically, and communicating clearly and effectively with others.

Once my season with AFV came to an end and the pandemic hit, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to refine my focus within the film industry. I missed the creative environment of being in school, particularly being in classes that pushed me to write and sharing that writing with my peers. I began to contemplate graduate school, and started applying to screenwriting programs.

I was recently accepted to the Screenwriting MFA program at New York Film Academy, and I’ll begin the program in January 2021. Between my industry experience from the past year as well as the skills I gained from my English degree, I’m confident and excited about this new adventure. My hope is to create narratives that draw from my own life experiences that will hopefully be made into movies!