Christine Pinella MA

September 18, 2020
Christine Pinella

Pursuing my Master’s in English at SSU was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my education and career. With small class sizes and faculty with open-door policies, it allowed me to make deep connections with my peers and advisors and gave me the space to explore different career options. I was working full-time in a job that paid the bills but felt unfulfilling and was hoping the program would help me discover a meaningful career. 

The days of using an English degree to pursue jobs solely as “teacher” or “writer” are gone. Of course, those are still great options but they aren’t the only options anymore. Employers are looking for people with emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills. Now more than ever, it’s important in business to be able to connect quickly with others and tell a story. 

Not long after I finished the program I found a job that checked all the boxes. I’m now a Major Gifts Manager with Memorial Hospice. I know that the skills I learned in the program allowed me to make this change. They were looking for someone with sensitivity and passion, along with communication and strong writing abilities. The Master’s in English program set me up for this opportunity long before I even realized it. Now I’m in a career where I can really make a positive impact on my community. 

This program will put you on a path to discovery. You’ll find yourself engaged in meaningful conversation with both your peers and professors. You’ll read stories you’ve never heard before, work on projects that open doors for you, and meet people who share similar interests but teach you new things about the world. I’m proud of myself for taking the time and going through the hard work to invest in myself in this way. Was it easy to pursue a Master’s degree while working full time? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely. If you’re considering the program I would just say this - there’s no perfect time for anything. Take the leap and I promise you’ll be thanking yourself later.