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Lyric Seidensticker
Lyric Seidensticker


Office Hours

2:00 pm-4:00 pm

What I Do At SSU: 

After having studied at SSU, I am elated to be a part of the English faculty.  I am passionate about the power of language and teaching composition.  I specialize in 20th century American literature and am an ardent devotee of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sylvia Plath.


Lyric started teaching at SSU while completing her master’s degree in English Literature.  Prior to teaching, she worked as a tutor in the Writing Center.  Lyric is interested in different modalities of the English language and has studied Braille, Morse code and semaphores.  Her research interests include: Native American studies, Latin, intertextuality, lyricism, and Deconstructionist theory.  Currently, Lyric is engaged in a project that examines Robert F. Kennedy and the role of classic literature in his political discourse.       

Selected Publications and Presentations:

 “Hemingway’s Metamorphoses: Animalia in A Moveable Feast.” 18th International Hemingway Conference, Summer 2018, Paris, France.

“The Curious Case of ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’: The Intertextuality of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Louisa May Alcott.” 14th International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference, Summer 2017, St. Paul, Minnesota.

 “What Number is this Chip?” Shindig! Magazine, September 2014.

 Zalman Yanovsky’s “Alive and Well in Argentina.” Revola Records, 2009. Liner notes.