Stargazing in the Atomic Age by Anne Goldman

January 21, 2021
Anne Goldman

The English Department congratulates Professor Anne Goldman on the the publication of her new essay collection Stargazing in the Atomic Age (University of Georgia Press). Kirkus Reviews writes, "The efflorescence of energy and creativity in Jewish communities in the traumatic twentieth-century is celebrated in these sparkling essays on Jewish intellectuals. Goldman explores the lives and works of modern Jewish scientists, artists, composers, and writers, putting them in the context of the war, persecution, and migration to America, which shaped their lives and the larger Western culture in which they were rooted. . . . The result is an absorbing excavation of the Jewish experience. A beguiling meditation on Jewish achievements that shine brightly against a dark background."

Selected readings by Anne Goldman at the Berkeley Center for Jewish Studies, 2/10/21: Ode to Energy: Einstein, Feynman, and Oppenheimer at Mid-Century. (Youtube)